About Me  

Tony Yang

 CS @ Cornell || Full-Stack/Mobile Developer || Basketball Enthusiast 

Hi there, I'm Tony. I am an M.Eng student at Cornell University studying Computer Science.

I am passionate about designing technology for social impact. This past summer I worked as a Software Engineering Intern at Google on the YouTube Music Tools team. Two summers ago, I worked as a Software Engineer Intern at Capital One on the CreditWise Data Team. I developed unsupervised learning models to help segment users into different profiles/clusters to accelerate offer acceptance and engagement for CreditWise's business. In the past, I have been a software developer at  Cornell Design & Tech Initiative helping solve real problems to assist the community. I have experience with both frontend and backend web (React, Express, Polymer, Spanner) development, as well as mobile (Android, Flutter, React Native) development. Also, my interests currently lie in full-stack development, Programming Language Theory, and computer vision.

Aside from programming and tech, I enjoy music, basketball, photography, and food. In my free time, I am usually on a court playing pickup, taking pictures outside, or jamming out to some music.

Whether it is making games, websites, or mobile apps, my goal is to make things that others can enjoy as well. Check out my projects to see my past and current work or my resume to learn about my experience and skills.

I am currently looking for New Grad Software Engineer opportunities.! If you like what you see, you can contact me at txy3@cornell.edu!